Insider Threat Program (ITP)

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In response to National Industrial Security Program (NISP) requirements that direct all cleared facilities to implement an Insider Threat Program (ITP) by November 2016, HLM Associates, LLC® has developed and is offering an ITP integration contract for non-possessing facilities. We do not sell templates and canned programs. Rather, we offer customized services and products that bring our combined knowledge and experience directly to your door to address your unique challenges. “Your security is our priority” isn’t just our motto, but the way we do business every day.


For small non-possessing facilities (i.e., less than 100 cleared personnel with a single Cage Code), we offer a discounted rate starting at $1,450.00 and will work directly with your Facility Security Officer (FSO) to deliver a solution much faster, at a lower cost-point, than the FSO would be able to work on their own.  We have integrated the ITP into a draft Standard Practice and Procedures (SPP) since both are a new requirement for non-possessing facilities under the National Industrial Security Program Operating Manual (NISPOM) Conforming Change 2.


We understand that the ITP is another “unfunded federal requirement” that may cause overhead rate concerns. Our approach helps you manage your costs by tailoring the IPT to your company’s operating reality. We work to quickly educate your company’s Key Management Personnel (KMPs) and other designated leadership. Further, we don’t just leave you a document and walk away. Rather, we are here to assist you in implementing these required changes with the leadership, FSO, the newly designated Insider Threat Program Senior Official (ITPSO) and your entire employee workforce.


Click here for an example of the Statement of Work (SOW) that may be used when hiring HLM Associates to support the establishment of your Insider Threat Program. Individual specifications and pricing may vary based upon your specific company conditions and requirements.


To obtain additional information and arrange an appointment to discuss your company needs, please contact us at 754-800-HLMA (4562) or

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