Your security is our priority.

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At HLM Associates®, the term “helm” is an acronym for our founders’ last names. We also think of it as a statement of our commitment to our clients. “Helm” often refers to leadership and it can also refer to navigation. As security professionals, we consider it our mission to “take the helm” in all senses of the word to guide you safely in an uncertain world. We leverage our real-world experience to conquer your toughest security problems.

Our commitment to our clients:

  • Assisting with vulnerability assessment, identification and definition of security-related challenges and risks.
  • Establishing a corrective action plan.
  • Executing through to successful conclusion.
  • Aiding the sustainment effort until the objective has been reached or the mission has been accomplished.

Your success is our critical mission. Client satisfaction, your security and risk mitigation are HLM Associates’ top concerns. Our professional security consultants can solve your most pressing security issues.

Your security is our priority.

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