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Physical Security Services

For Cleared Defense Contractors

HLM Associates conducts thorough risk assessments, pre-inspections, and third-party audits, developing corrective action plans and providing expertise in acoustic mitigation for safeguarding sensitive information. Our approach includes construction project management, government accreditation documentation submission, and addresses security challenges for clients such as the Department of Defense, Intelligence Community, civilian government agencies, and the private sector industrial base.

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What We Do

  • Design access control, intrusion detection, video surveillance and lighting systems
  • Conduct security risk assessment, pre-inspection, and third party audits
  • Develop and implement corrective action strategic plan and Plan of Action and Milestone (POAM)
  • Establish acoustic mitigation in the protection of HIPAA, PII, IP, and need-to-know information
  • Create and implement Physical Security Remediation measures
  • Author and execute Construction Security Plan (CSP)
  • Provide construction project management, to include Site Security Management (SSM), Construction Surveillance Technicians (CST), and cleared escorts
  • Perform photo documentation

Security Plans

For Cleared Facilities

Construction Security Monitors (CSM)2024-02-27T11:44:28-05:00

CSMs enforce the regulations of the construction security plan and report anomalies to Site Security Managers (SSM). They submit daily and weekly reports, photo documentation and input to SSMs that are required for documentation and perform other light administrative work. They ensure all security measures written in the construction security plan are followed and built according to IAW ICD 705 guidelines, photographing and documenting reference as the build becomes a fully active facility.

CSMs work with engineers, responding to requests for product improvements and quality concerns. They operate technical security devices and systems, and monitoring devices as an individual or with a team. CSMs must report suspicious behavior and security infractions according to site blueprints and ICD-705 standards. They facilitate weekly status meetings with clients and prepare weekly status reports.

Site Security Managers (SSM)2024-02-27T11:42:56-05:00

SSMs are the direct link between the Accrediting Official (AO) and customer. They are responsible for all designs related to on-site secure work, including access control, intrusion detection systems, HVAC drawings, fixed facility checklists, tempest checklists, and any other penetration of the secure space.

They oversee and submit all accreditation paperwork to the government and serve as the subject matter expert to the customer, general contractors, and sub-contractors on-site. SSMs have vast knowledge of the ICD 705 Tech Specs and are the first to correct any deficiencies related to the build. SSMs are also responsible for training and mentoring CSMs.

Instructor-Led ICD 705 Training

Designed for physical security novices and experienced practitioners alike, this classroom training covers ICD 705, Physical and Technical Standards for Sensitive Compartmented Information Facilities (ICD 705-1) and Department of Defense (DoD) Special Access Program Security Manual Physical Security (DoD 5205.07 Volume 3). Single and multi-day formats are available.
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Develop a compliant National Industrial Security Program (NISP) if you contract with the DOD or IC Agencies.

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